Love of the Sea Islander

Love of the Sea Islander

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Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Romance


Beauty painter Cheng Cheng (a decorated war Jing) grew by 贾浩仁 (Tian Zheng) an adoption, always 贾家怀 with a grateful heart, naturally accepted 贾浩仁 grew up with. However, when nearly marriage, Cheng Cheng suddenly encounter bottlenecks creation of love and marriage are suspect, she began unsure whether they want to go all the way in life, boudoir secret Alisha (Nie Xin) that she this is a pre-marital anxiety, so she took her to the seaside town. Here, Cheng Cheng accidentally met a called party lights (Tian) man, her love story begins ......
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