A Piece of Your Mind

A Piece of Your Mind

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Other name: 반의 반 / Banui Ban / One Fourth / Half of Half / Half of a Half

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


“A Piece of Your Mind” is a romance about an artificial intelligence (AI) programmer and classical recording engineer. It is a story told from the perspective of a man who believes that even a small fraction of his significant person’s heart is enough for him. Ha Won, an AI programmer who is the founder and brain of a portal site called M&H. Though he is firm about work, he is a kind-hearted rational thinker who never gets angry. Han Seo Woo, a classical recording engineer. She always has an optimistic mindset despite her unstable lifestyle with no family or home, and she solves math problems to find comfort in difficult times.
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